22 Quote Tattoos for Girls Ideas

Quote tattoos for girls are usually about poetry, quotations from the book or poem song. But you can also get creative with writing down life’s purpose or disclosure of feelings toward something. A lot of girls who liked the tattoos that contain quote and I think it looks sexy. Lindsay Lohan, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham are gals who have a tattoo quotes.

There are some facts you must know before having quote tattoos placed on your body. Having words inked on the body instead of a picture or drawing is something more and more people are doing today. There are some very meaningful quote tattoos for girls phrases available that a person can choose from and it can become a tattoo on any of a number of areas of the body. Doing this will allow the tattoo to serve as a constant reminder of the message.

quote tattoos for girls ideas

However, there are some very important considerations you must think through in advance.

  • Make sure you use a tattoo artist that is very experienced at doing tattoo phrases. You want to work with an artist that is expert at drawing script and letters. Make sure you see examples of their work in advance. The lettering for tattoos like these is going to be small so you want an artist that knows what he or she is doing and does not allow the letters to run together.
  • Make sure the lettering you choose is a style and font that can be easily read. Generally it is best not to go for lettering that is too small. Over time small letters will begin running together and become impossible to read. Consider carefully what the tattoo will say. Think about what the words mean and consider if you will want to be wearing that same message when you are older.
  • Consider carefully where you will have the tattoo placed on your body. This is always important for a tattoo, but even more so for a quote tattoo. Quote tattoos for girls on thigh is the most secure and easy to hide. Besides on lower back, stomach or on side is the alternative. For girls who are more daring, you can create a quote tattoo on back, chest or neck so people easily see it. As you age your body will change. Some areas of the body grow larger, some areas shrink and sag. Consider what is likely to happen to the area of the body where the lettering will be placed as you get older.

You need to consider other tattoo quotes that have large levels of difficulty so that maybe the pain will be more felt. But you will look different with quote tattoos for girls.

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