32 Aztec Tattoo Designs for 2020

aztec tattoo designs

Aztec tattoo designs are perfect for those of you who are obsessed by the splendor of the tribes of the people of Central Mexico. The uniqueness of their art makes Aztec tattoos to be easily identifiable as these designs are representative of their culture and practices. Thus, having any of Aztec designs is a thing of pride and honor. The ancient Aztec pyramid has become an infamous symbol of sun worship and child sacrifice. Nevertheless, sporting this tattoo may suggest power and prestige. Other design ideas include the sun, calendar, eagle, and Aztec gods, which maybe presented through a symbol.

As mentioned, most Aztec tattoo designs are centered on religion with the Sun god, Huitzilopochtili, being at the fore of the list. For the Aztec tribe, the sun is a guardian to the heavens ending to the modern belief that it symbolizes the afterlife. Quetzalcoatl is the serpent god of ancient Mexico, considered as the most powerful of all the Aztec gods, he rules over the weather, creativity and fertility. Other tattoo symbols associated with the tribe include cross tattoos, sun and moon tattoos and eagle designs which a warrior believed to be a source of strength.

aztec girl tattoo designs

Most of the symbols take a large amount of space, which is why it is usually done on the back or on the biceps. Sun and eagle tattoos may be scaled to smaller sizes that could fit the wrist or ankle. However, the Aztec tattoo designs were not only mindful of the symbol itself but also its placement. For example, a symbol placed on the chest, wrist or stomach represents a person’s commitment to a certain god.

If you choose to sport an Aztec tattoo, then it is best to first research the implications of each symbol that you may use. This shows that the art form is not only for aesthetic reason but also brandishes the pride a person may have for his heritage. Now, let’s look at some examples of Aztec tattoo designs are remarkable.

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