Baby Angel Tattoos Meaning and 17 Ideas

baby angel tattoos

A baby angel tattoos is another name for a cherub tattoo. Having this tattoo expresses your spirituality because angels are considered messengers from God and they are our link between heaven and earth. Angel tattoos are also often interpreted as a symbol of protection, love and good luck. So, why don’t you try it?

There are many different angel designs that you can get but cherubs are the most popular. Unlike many people think, cherubs are not really baby angels – they are just small angels. The most popular baby angel tattoos is Cupid. Cupid represents love. Many times you see Cupid depicted with a arrow which he shoots into your heart to make you fall in love, there are even some tattoos where you will see him inside of a BabyTrend Expedition Jogger stroller.

The another myths about baby angel are that cherubs were depicted young boys and they were considered as a work of art. This is in Italy, were they are being referred as “Putti”. After several years, cherubs were being attributed to good tidings and are considered new creature from heaven. It was said that they usually take care of the souls of humans, after they die and leave their physical being and would ascend to heaven. The baby angel tattoos are symbolize as the lining path to heaven, were they are seen playing harps and almost everyone in the West would associate them as a good symbol.

baby angel tattoos meaning

What makes baby angel tattoos designs popular is that they can be placed on many different parts of the body. You can have a baby angel tattoos over your chest or on your shoulder. They can even make great wrist or ankle tattoos because they are small. If you combine a baby angel with clouds, hearts or other symbols, you can create a very unique design that is special to you.

In the history of tattooing, cherubs are often the popular choice of baby angel tattoos in memorial or a Rest in peace symbol that are done in memory of a loved one that has passed away.

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