22 Black Rose Tattoo Designs and Meaning

black rose tattoo

The black rose tattoo is a symbol of death, separation, darkness and other negative meanings. This design is not to mistakenly used morbidly but rather as a warning. Here are some black roses tattoo design and meaning for you so that no one chooses who will eventually make you regret for life.

Death and Sorrow: As you may have already guessed, the most common meaning of a black rose tattoo is death, grief and sorrow. Black is a color that is always associated with death. Hence, it only makes sense that a tattoo symbolizing love for a departed soul be in black. People get black rose tattoos in respect of someone they love after they pass away. Using text (either a name or a date) is a very popular way of personalizing this tattoo.

Slavish Devotion: A black rose, if you have ever had the chance to come across one, is not exactly black. It is a dark shade of purple, thus giving it a black appearance. A completely black rose is impossible to find, it can only be created. Hence the term ‘slavish devotion’ is attributed to this black rose tattoo. This denotes the undying longing and wait for either an impossible task or the wait for a miracle to occur. So, in a nutshell, it could also mean living in constant hope.

black rose tattoo on thigh

Rebellion: Early Irish warriors considered a black rose to be a sign of rebellion against the British. This was because in those days, the red rose was considered a very staunch British symbol. The Irish reprobated the red rose by using black rose tattoo as their symbol during war. This was an extremely poetic sign of rebellion against the British empire, but then the Irish have always been adept at that, haven’t they?

Completion of a Journey: In some cultures, black rose tattoo can also refer to the end of a long and arduous journey. Many soldiers also get them after they return from a war or a situation that they did not expect to return from. So, in a sense, black rose tattoo is also a symbol of conquering a situation that was thought to be otherwise unconquerable. It also stands for a farewell that a person is bidding to someone, either due to death or the end of a relationship.

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