Hawaiian Flower Tattoos Designs For Women

Hawaiian flower tattoo designs are lovely reminders of the scenic beauty of the islands. For many people, Hawaiian flowers are a symbol of grace and beauty. They represent beautiful islands, lovely weather and they might have deeper meaning as well. There are many flowers that can be used in Hawaiian tattoo designs. The two most popular are the hibiscus and plumeria. I will tell you how to get unique designs even though these flower tattoos are very popular.

The hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. It is very unique because the blooms are only open for a short period each day. There is a tradition in Hawaii that when a woman wears an hibiscus flower behind her ear it means she is either looking for a lover or is already taken – depending on the ear.

The other popular flower usually used in Hawaiian flower tattoo designs is plumeria. The plumeria is used to make leis. These two flowers mixed with lilies, roses, orchids, or other beautiful flowers can make gorgeous designs. You can have a rainbow of whatever colors you desire because most of these flowers come in all variations of colors in nature.

To make your Hawaiian flower tattoo designs unique, think about what other image comes to your mind when you think about Hawaii. Add one or more of those other images to your design. Images like dolphins, water or waves, surfing, sun, beach, or volcanoes can all add a different element to your design. Consider also the colors, when it comes to Hawaiian flower tattoo designs, you’ll find that you have no limit of bright colors to choose from. Hawaii is home to an enormous number of flowering plants, and whether you are interested in bright reds, vibrant yellows, or vivid purples, you’ll find that there is a good chance that you can locate it here. This makes choosing the subject of your flower tattoo quite simple, and you can take your time.

In addition to design, you should also consider where you paint your Hawaiian flower tattoo. This is important because it will affect your tattoo beauty, also relate to its meaning. If you want to paint a large tattoo, back is the best canvas. Lower back is sexy for women in addition to the hips. The legs and the neck is another alternative.

There are plenty of options that are open to you if you are considering looking for great Hawaiian flower tattoo designs, consider the rose tattoos or maybe an array of many flower tattoo designs. Take the time to make sure that you are making a good choice, but remember why you are getting the tattoo in the first place and why it is important to you!