Hawaiian Tribal Tattoos Designs Ideas

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are usually composed of geometric figures that are often meaningful. Hawaiian tribal tattoo designs were given to tribesmen as a sign of their identity within the tribe. These tattoos were usually given to members of the tribe after they were given their rite of passage. Tattoos were also given to a tribesman as protection from evil spirits. They put it in specific parts of their bodies so as to be protected properly from the wrath of spirits who seek out trouble within the tribe or a particular family.

Hawaiian tribal tattoos are colorful, larger and brighter as compared to the tattoos of other culture. Hawaiian tribal tattoo are mostly influenced by nature and animal drawings because Hawaii is composed many islands that are rich in natural wonders and diverse wildlife. The designs usually incorporate turtles, lizards, birds, sharks and other aquatic creatures. Animal designs on these tattoos generally indicate a particular meaning. For example, dolphins express joy; arrows and sea turtles symbolize fertility. The meaning may also change depending on the person who carries the tattoo. Orchids are popular designs that are mostly worn by men. Lizards are also popular because of its symbolism of fear and respect. The size and location of the tattoo will usually denote the rank of the wearer.

As I mentioned that the size of Hawaiian tribal tattoos are larger, therefore you need a larger canvas to paint Hawaiian tattoo designs. Back and chest is an area of the body that is most suitable for tattoo Hawaii. But the tattoo on hand is a fan favorite tattoo tribes, especially the upper arm.

These tattoos have been an important to their heritage. The tattoo usually indicate a person’s status in the society. As an example, a chieftain’s tattoo will differ and standout from the tattoos of the other members of the tribe. Tattoos are also thought of as medium of protection to safeguard the wearer from any danger or sickness. Hawaiian tribal tattoos are also worn to pay respect to a leader or other individuals who are dear to a bearer.