Traditional Japanese Tattoo For Women

Usually when thinking about traditional Japanese tattoo, that comes to mind is a full body design tattoo Yakuza. However, it does not for the moment where the world of tattoos has changed its mind about the tattoo design. In the West many women are discovering the rich beauty of traditional Japanese designs and these work well and are ideal for feminine tattoo ideas.

There is a rich and strong historical background behind all Japanese tattoos. There are designs inspired by old figurines on tombs and some historical documents indicate that Japanese men used to have their faces and bodies decorated in various colors and styles. Then later in Japanese history when Chinese culture left its influence on Japan, tattooing became taboo and was reserved for criminals and outcasts. Traditional Japanese tattoos used to symbolize different types of character in people. Currently, Japanese tattoo are famous for ranging from small tattoos to brilliant large-sized designs that can cover an entire arm of the person having it tattooed. There are various types of Japanese tattoo designs that are famous among people for their special significance. Some of these are the following:

Koi Fish TattoosKoi fish are a very traditional and yet very popular, sexy and beautiful design in Japan.  The beauty of the fish and the brilliant colors of the orange in the fish along with the water splashing in the background make for an incredible design combination.  Not only is the coloration beautiful the meaning and symbolism behind koi designs is also very empowering.  The myth essentially states that the koi fish swim upstream against the current and finally reach the top gate into heave and then are released and become beautiful dragons and fly off.  The symbolism is one of strength, power and striking out on your own and living your own life.  This is something many women fell passionate and strong about and therefore the koi fish is the perfect design.  This can be done as a half sleeve tattoo a sexy leg tattoo or even on the back.

Cherry Blossom TattoosCherry blossoms have also been used throughout traditional Japanese tattooing.  Originally cherry blossoms were a revered flower and a symbol that many samurai held close to the hearts.  In fact many of the most famous samurai would write poems about the cherry blossom.  They felt it represented life and symbolized the temporary existence of life.  It therefore acted as a very powerful reminder and symbol to live each day to the fullest since life ends quickly and is delicate like the cherry blossom.  Again this is a wonderful symbol that is full of meaning.  It looks beautiful and delicate as well as has power behind it.  They also can make a great tattoo design.  You can choose to do a large tattoo design of the whole cherry blossom tree, just a branch of even just the fallen petals in the snow or water all very deeply symbolic and beautiful.

Geisha Tattoo Designs – Last but not least something that everyone has of course heard about Japan is the Geisha.  The Geisha in Japan are seen to be entertainers and the holders of the culture.  They were and still are trained in the arts, including calligraphy, music and dance to just name a few.  In fact the very word Geisha means ” a person of the arts:.  They are highly intelligent and incredible conversationalists.  Many of the most traditional woodcut artwork featured the Geisha in what was called the “floating world”.  Many of these designs found their way into the art of tattooing early on also.  The Geisha tattoo can symbolize exotic beauty, feminine power and mystique.  Thus is also a symbol that speaks to many women.

These are just a few of the more traditional Japanese tattoo designs that are popular in the West and also very traditional at the same time.  They are also designs that can easily be translated into feminine tattoo designs.  Each one holds a bit of power and strength along with feminine beauty and mystique making for the ideal tattoo design for many women.  These are just a few of the ideas.