Snake Tattoo Designs Meanings

Snake tattoo designs is one of the rare great tattoo designs chosen tattoo lovers. Snake tattoos are usually large and concerned with details that make it difficult to design. Maybe that’s why people rarely choose this design. Snakes are taken to be associated with reproduction, or with fertility to be exact. It somehow is compared to the shape of the male member; thus, the relation of the snake design tattoos to the human act of making love.

The first signs of the snake used as a symbol representing either good or evil can be attributed to many cultures and beliefs. In the bible, the snake is taken to be the evil force that lures Adam and Eve to make the sin of eating from the Tree of Life. On the other hand, the snake is seen on the insignia of people in the medical world, which roots back to a Greek myth in which one snake was observed to heal another. Although various religions take snakes differently, there are some common factors among the two facets that it is categorized into. As a positive sign, snakes signify fertility, rejuvenation, and good health. On the negative, the snakes’ stealth-like and deceitful characteristics often make it a representation of the devil himself. But among all, the snake is taken as related to the creation of the human beings, as seen in Egyptian, Chinese, and many other myths.

Snake tattoo designs will look beautiful drawn circular or elongated. Elongated design can be drawn on the wrist, lower back, upper arm, around the side of the body and legs. While the snake coiled pretty if seen on the back, chest, stomach, thighs or buttocks. Snake stand with the neck expands like a King Cobra mad nice. Even if you’re a fan of tribal tattoos, you can draw it as wide as your imagination. Yeah, like that’s a tattoo of a snake. Can you draw tattoo snake with designs without limitation!

With a design that is not limited to the snake tattoo designs can be used by both men and women. The rest is your choice in determining what kind of snake tattoo designs that you want.