Sugar Skull Tattoo Mexican Tradition: 21 Samples

sugar skull tattoo

The history of the sugar skull tattoo originated from the culture of Mexico. Sugar skull symbol representing Dia de los Muertos or day of the dead. Ancestors who have passed away are represented by clay molded sugar skulls which are painted and decorated, the names of the departed are added to the forehead of the skull and then the skull is placed on the grave stone to encourage the departed loved one to appear on the Day of the Dead. This is because these skulls are made as an offering to their dead loved ones. Because of this, it is not all that uncommon to see sugar skulls on tombs together with the deceased one’s favorite food and/or items.

One thing that makes sugar skull tattoo designs stand out from other skull-related creations is how jolly it looks. Most depictions of the skull are either creepy or morbid, but sugar skulls often depict happy and cheerful ones. The reason for this is because they want to capture the joy and spirit of their deceased loved ones. In addition, different colors, patterns, and accessories might be included in the skull. Not only does this practice depict the color of life, but it can also contain some hints of the deceased one’s personality and favorites. It’s not all that uncommon to have these skulls embellished with different hints on the person’s attitude and beliefs. These decorations make the skull seem very alive, exactly how the Mexicans want it.

There are many meanings behind the sugar skull tattoo. The sugar skull tattoo meaning can be death, remembrance, return or a symbol of spirituality. The most traditional flower that is often seen together with a sugar skull is a marigold. Marigolds are important in Mexican culture in that they commemorate and honour the dead. Any type of flower is acceptable with the sugar skull, but marigolds are the most common because they are traditional. The vibrant orange and yellow colors can punctuate the tattoo and make it stand out more.

The main sugar skull tattoo meaning represents a celebration of a life. The skulls that are depicted in the artwork are not frightening or morbid, and they generally contain a minimum of four colors. The tradition of sugar skulls helps to let the living know that their loved ones have found peace. The souls of the departed have moved on to a higher existence free from any pain, suffering or anxiety that they had to deal with in the mortal world. The skulls are designed to be bright and cheerful, being a celebration of the life that once was.

Sugar skull tattoo are very popular as body art designs. Tattoos of sugar skulls can be designed for the individual and contain decorative symbols that have meaning for the tattoo owner. Sugar skulls were used in Mexico to commemorate a departed loved one. A skull would be made from sugar and candy and the deceased person’s name would be written on the skull. The skulls are decorated with bright colors and intricate designs to celebrate the return of that person’s spirit to the world. The decorations used on sugar skulls are also used in sugar skull tattoo designs, although a person can choose which patterns they would like to adorn the Mexican skull tattoos with.