Angel Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

angel tattoo designs

Angel tattoos are very spiritual and symbolic. So the Angel tattoo designs have meaning deeply for tattoer. The angels are believed to be messengers of god, and protective, such as guardian angels. Angel tattoos are popular with both women and men. On women, angel tattoos are seen to represent serenity and calmness within, while on men an angel tattoo represents a connection with the higher self.

Angels also serve as the guardians of individuals and nations. The world’s three biggest religions (Christianity, Judaism, and Islam) mention Angels throughout their holy texts. The Angels are viewed as the link between Heaven and Earth and believed to be a gift from God for our safety, protection and guidance. In many ways, the Angels are depicted as winged creatures hovering over the earth to provide protection against evil elements against mankind. Angel tattoo designs are meant to express such depictions.

Popular Angel Tattoo Designs

  • Most Angel tattoo designs are of a beautiful winged figure, floating, sometimes sitting on a cloud or with clouds around, holding a harp, or trumpet. Angels are protective, so it is common for the angel to be hovering, representing their protective nature.
  • Another popular design is angel wings. These can be any size and located just about anywhere.
  • Angels tattoo designs are also a popular way to pay tribute to a lost loved one. A person’s face can be drawn into an angel design, so the wearer can keep their memory alive.
  • Angel tattoo designs can also represent love and a connection with a loved one, especially if a love heart is connected with the angel. A common tattoo design nowadays, is for angels to be represented in the image of cupid.

The meaning of Angel Tattoo Designs

  • The most common meanings of Angel tattoos are spirituality, love and protection.
  • Many tattoo designs are of angels hovering above to provide protection to something or someone. Angels are seen as messengers that connect the spiritual realm with the material realm, and do the work of God.
  • Another common theme is the perennial struggle between good and evil in which Archangels are shown in battle.
  • Angel tattoos can also just represent a connection with something higher than oneself.

Angel tattoos are thought to reflect the wearer’s personal relationship with God, whether it is solid or estranged, so be sure to choose your angel tattoo designs with care!