Henna Tattoo Traditional Art

henna tattoo

Henna tattoo is one solution for you who love tattoos but don’t want to stick forever in your body. Henna tattoos or they are also known as Mehendi is an ancient body art painting heritage of people from Asia and the Middle East. Usually henna is used as a tradition or ceremony such as a wedding. But now this temporary tattoos are more of fashion and trends.

simple wrist henna tattoo

What makes henna way better than ink for tattoos is the fact that it is safer. It is made from organic materials like menhdi leaves or much known as henna, eucalyptus, lavender or olive oil, black coffee or tea liquid. For natural henna there are no synthetics or chemicals added, although like today people would want to have color variation so, they add certain chemical components to alter the henna’s color. However, studies have proved that it can cause minor skin irritations for those who may have certain allergies but other than that, it is safe.

Unlike ink tattoos, henna is not injected. Naturally, there will be no pain and discomfort like ink where etching on the skin can be very painful and excruciating. Since henna tattoo is made from organic materials so it is relatively cheaper. No needles are used so there is no health risk at all except minor irritation for a very few who may have allergies. But what makes henna tattoo much preferred by many tattoo enthusiasts is the fact that it is temporary. Henna paste leaves a stain of dark brown or red orange on the skin. When the skin sheds off the dead skin cells the hennaed skin wears off as well and fades away. Henna tattoo when done properly may last for 4 to 6 weeks. Just enough time before another henna tattoo design comes in or before it becomes unfashionable.

simple henna tattoo

Unlike ink tattoos, henna tattoo will keep its wearer in fashion and you can choose various designs every time to accentuate your attire or ensemble. What more can you ask for a tattoo?