34 Simple Henna Designs

This 30 simple henna designs are dedicate to complete the previous post about the henna tattoo. As did I explain that the henna tattoos are more often seen in the hands and feet. If you search on the internet then you could find thousands even millions of henna tattoo designs, ranging from a simple design to intricate designs that only certain people can draw it. Let me give some simple henna tattoo designs that you might be able to draw it yourself in your own body.

Henna tattoo design more often shaped as flowers or sprigs. However fashion trend demands that significant developments. Therefore, now you can easily find the henna tattoo designs that are in addition to the flowers. Abstract images and animals is the most often. But interest remains the premier choice when you decide to paint a simple henna designs. Let us look at some examples of simple henna design that might be your inspiration in modifying and repaint on your body.  In the Gallery of this post you will find a simple henna designs for finger, hand, for feet and other body parts.