Chinese Dragon Tattoo History And Meaning

A Chinese dragon tattoo is a symbol of mystery and power, wisdom and good will. These dragons are considered good luck and are linked heavily with the number nine, as there are nine sections to the dragon. Qualities include loyalty courage and strength. The Chinese Dragon is a divine mythical creature that warded off bad spirits. They have a strong link with authority in China. The Chinese proclaim themselves “Long De Chuan Ren” or descendents of the dragon because when the first Emperor Huang Di died, (considered by the Chinese as their ancestor) legend has it that he turned into a dragon and rose to heaven. This lead to the Chinese dragon becoming a symbol of imperial authority and power. The five toed Chinese dragon was reserved for the emperor alone. Peasants wearing such a symbol would be put to death.

A Chinese dragon tattoo is a popular choice for many and this is not surprising when you consider the designs available based on this mythological creature. there are five very common dragons in Asian culture that will help you decide which one is perfect for your ‘tat.

The Tianlong is also known as the Celestial dragon, a long, green horned dragon that upholds the gods. Tianlong dragons have five toes, and are renowned for their protective and hard-working nature. The Shenlong is the weather or spiritual dragon. This dragon is blue, long and wispy, usually floating through the lofty heights over China. Shenlong monitors the weather and can bring demise or great success.

chinese dragon tattoo meaning

The third dragon is the Fucanglong. This is the treasure dragon, known for its wisdom and great wealth. This dragon is large and stocky, ready for defense and always optimistic. The next dragon is the Dilong, the Earth Dragon. They rule the streams, rivers and lakes of the Earth. The Dilong dragon represents steadfast excellence and ambition.

Finally, the last dragon is known as the Jiaolong dragon. Jianlong dragons have horns and almost fin-like claws and facial features. This creature lives in the ocean and seas, and creates floods as it tries to fly to the sky. The Jiaolong is another symbol for excellence and natural enthusiasm.