Great Dolphin Tattoos Ideas And Reason

Dolphin tattoo designs have been skyrocketing in popularity recently. It has become very fashionable for both men and women to sport dolphin tattoo designs. Mankind has always been fascinated with dolphins and these animals have fired our imagination for the past several centuries.

Today, dolphin tattoos are popular with women as dolphins signify carefree, fun loving creatures. Dolphins definitely look cute and their face forms a natural smile. Also a good tattoo artist can bring a lot of color and fun out of the dolphin design. Dolphins naturally always seem to be having a party or a ball of a time. When they are seen jumping, flapping and flocking in the ocean they look like they don’t have a worry in the world. All this can be drawn by a good artist and women are naturally attracted to such emotions.

dolphin tattoos designs

They are smart and communicative; they arrange themselves into families and take care of their family. They even protect other pregnant dolphins, which indicates loyalty. Dolphins, especially to us humans, look free spirited, joyful and playful. They are also extremely fast swimmers and can catch a lot of fish but still never attack any humans. A dolphin tattoo represents these qualities and more: happiness, as dolphins always appear to be smiling with their big mouths. They are also very graceful animals, as you probably already know yourself. All these qualities make dolphins very attractive to nature lovers.

To top it all off, the symbol of the dolphin is believed to bring prosperity and luck. If you choose to tattoo two dolphins instead of just one, know that this also symbolizes harmony. Some go even further and design their tattoo so the two dolphins make a Yin- Yang shape.

Dolphins can be tattooed on any part of the body. If one is looking to get a small dolphin tattoo, it can be inked on the foot, wrist, ankle, shoulder, lower back, etc. or one can get a bigger dolphin on the entire back, thigh or chest. Some people even get dolphin images racing through their entire back.

dolphin tattoos on breast

When going for the dolphin tattoo just don’t pick a cookie cutter dolphin picture off the internet. You can really use the imagination of some of the best tattoo artists who submit their designs to the top paid tattoo sites and get an excellent tattoo which you will be proud to show off the next time you are out surfing or partying with your friends.