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  • phoenix tattoo designs
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    Phoenix Tattoo Designs Styles

    Phoenix tattoo designs are highly sought after because the phoenix has a magnificent look and is also highly symbolic. Phoenix tattoo is probably the most visually spectacular form of body art. The legend of the phoenix bird is known throughout the world, and has its origins in much of Asian, Europe, Middle East and Far […] More

  • half sleeve tattoo designs

    30 Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs 2020

    Half sleeve tattoo designs are very easy to find on the internet. They are very popular and many people choose this body part to express the personality and hobbies. Half sleeve tattoos are tattoos that wrap around your upper arm from shoulder to elbow or forearm from elbow to wrist. In this article, I will […] More

  • biomechanical tattoos

    15 Biomechanical Tattoos Designs

    The biomechanical tattoos became famous because that it shows that life has become very mechanical. Biomechanical tattoos feature futuristic and ultramodern designs of machines and devices, which seem to be underneath a person’s skin. It involves a combination of three-dimensionality as well as hyperrealism. Biomechanical tattoos are done by the tattoo artists using either of […] More

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    Chinese Dragon Tattoo History And Meaning

    A Chinese dragon tattoo is a symbol of mystery and power, wisdom and good will. These dragons are considered good luck and are linked heavily with the number nine, as there are nine sections to the dragon. Qualities include loyalty courage and strength. The Chinese Dragon is a divine mythical creature that warded off bad […] More

  • angel tattoo designs

    Angel Tattoo Designs and Their Meaning

    Angel tattoos are very spiritual and symbolic. So the Angel tattoo designs have meaning deeply for tattoer. The angels are believed to be messengers of god, and protective, such as guardian angels. Angel tattoos are popular with both women and men. On women, angel tattoos are seen to represent serenity and calmness within, while on […] More

  • japanese warrior tattoo

    Japanese Warrior Tattoo Design

    Japanese warrior tattoo have always been popular, they mean nobility and bravery, longing for victory, strength and courage, victory over adversity, and freedom of spirit, brave character. They are strong in their spirit and body and always loyal to their ideals. The history of the samurai warrior is steeped in history dating back to the […] More

  • japanese cherry blossom tattoo
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    Japanese Cherry Blossom Tattoo Designs

    Japanese cherry blossom tattoo are some of the most popular tattoo designs for women currently. Nevertheless you will find out that it is also a versatile design for men as well. They are beautiful and very delicate in design as in nature. Just the sight of seeing these flowers leaves you in a spiritual like […] More

  • celtic tattoo designs
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    Celtic Tattoo Designs Meaning Family

    Celtic tattoo designs are very popular in their own way, many people choose to have a tattoo this is due to the unique features of artistic, interesting color scheme, and they have a meaning behind them. The ancient art of the Celtics was characterized by interlacing patterns, spirals, animal forms, knotwork and anima zoomorphic. In […] More

  • hawaiian tattoo designs
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    Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Cool Tattoo Ideas

    Hawaii tattoo designs and body art has a long history of more than a thousand years, but changed the goal as time goes on, yes just fashion. In the Hawaiian culture, getting a tattoo is looked upon as a very important ritual. Hawaiians only get tattoo for a few purposes: mourning, talisman for protection and […] More