12 Chinese Symbol Tattoos Simple Ideas

chinese symbol tattoos

Chinese symbol tattoos are rapidly growing in popularity all round the world. Many people show their fashion sense through Chinese writing. Why are these exotic words so popular? The most apparent reason is their artistic appeal. Chinese text is like fine art. Thanks to the movies and popular culture, most people in the west can recognise these Chinese symbols but can’t understand them. I notice that many Chinese tattoos look rather ordinary and bland.

Chinese symbol tattoos represent a highly individual and beautiful way to express your personality. If you follow these basic guidelines you will be rewarded with a unique piece of body art which will last you for the rest of your life. Here some tips for adding style and glamor to your Chinese symbols tattoo

  • Color of Chinese Symbols – Chinese symbol tattoos are often done in pitch-black ink. This is the traditional style. Dark ink (e.g. navy blue, brown, grey) and subdued colors are classic, exquisite and impressive.
  • Number of Chinese Words – The number of Chinese symbols determines how much space is needed. I know that tattoos with several symbols look enchanting. They tend to convey deep meanings or truth. Some people like that very much because they resemble a mysterious script. Think of an ancient Chinese scroll. So, if you want mystery and deep meanings, go with several symbols.
  • Chinese Word Size – Think about how big your Chinese characters should be. Large size symbols give the impression of boldness and confidence. In addition, they allow for details. You can see the writing strokes including the turns or dots easily. Small size symbols render discreteness and modesty. Of course, details will be reduced. Nevertheless, do not underestimate the power of smaller writing. They look cool and sexy, attracting the eyes of many tattoo lovers.
  • Tattoo Placement and Body Parts – The nagging question for ink enthusiasts is where to place their Chinese symbols. The most common spots include the back, arm, chest and leg. However, I urge you to consider the issue of aging. As we age, our tattoos age too. Certain body parts are especially prone to developing wrinkles. Because of that, you should place your Chinese symbol tattoos in an area of your body where they can hold their grace for a long time. Hence, you will look as graceful and youthful as your writing tattoo.
    chinese symbol tattoos on arm
  • Chinese Text Alignment – Your Chinese symbol tattoos is like a text. To add variety to your ink, think about how the text should flow. In other words, you can adjust the text alignment to achieve a desired look. The conventional way is to flow your Chinese symbols vertically, from top to bottom. This gives you a classic and distinctly Asian look.
  • Calligraphy and Writing Styles – The best way to glam up your symbol tattoos is to use Chinese symbol tattoos calligraphy. Calligraphy is aesthetic writing in handwritten styles. It is highly respected art in China. There are five writing styles (scripts) for tattoo designs. They include seal script, running script, cursive script, regular script, and running script. More people are turning to calligraphy style designs because they are timeless. They give a sophisticated and personalized look. You must see them. Calligraphy symbols are the perfect fusion of tradition and cosmopolitanism.

chinese symbol tattoos yinyang

Tattoo is personal expressions, free and creative. Try to find something that compliments your uniqueness. You should seek professionals for Chinese symbol tattoos designs. In addition, these professionals must be proficient in Chinese translation. Online resources like tattoo fonts merely give you pixel dots. In fact, fonts are meant for computer applications, not body art. Likewise, Chinese dictionary does not provide accurate translation. Talk to a Chinese symbol expert, not an automatic word generator. An expert gives you practical tattoo ideas. Word generator offers a string of terms with loose explanations, or meanings that lack clarity.

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