Cute Butterfly Tattoos on Foot

butterfly tattoos on foot

Often we see butterfly tattoos on foot in the streets. Butterfly tattoos are so cute and very popular among females of all ages. Female tattoo wearers can get away with wearing a single butterfly tattoo design unlike men. Butterfly tattoo designs are versatile enough to integrate with other pieces and design elements so both men and women can wear them.

There are several very sexy spots for butterfly tattoos on foot a female. Here are some ideas for you to consider:

The Ankle is a sexy spot if you wear flat sandals or strappy high-heeled sandals; even a low-cut bootie or sneaker would show off a butterfly foot tattoo in a very sexy way. You can have group of butterflies floating up and around your ankle bone or a single butterfly with its wings spread. For a different look, you can have a butterfly drawn from the side perched on a flower or blade of grass. The tattoo can be a detailed line drawings or solid and simple. This area obviously isn’t that big so the tattoo will be fitted accordingly.

Similar to the ankle, you can have a butterfly foot tattoos design that curves around your instep. These types of designs look cute with flip flops, t-strap sandals both high and low, and low-cut pumps or ballet flats. Mary Jane styles would cut across the design so you wouldn’t want to wear them. You have to be careful with t-straps because you don’t want them to interfere with the art. Every girl loves shoe shopping so you’ll have fun finding the right style for our foot tattoo.

I hope you consider these fashion tips when getting a butterfly tattoos on foot. Nothing would suck worse than having a beautiful tattoo and no shoes to showcase it.

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