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Dove Symbolism and Dove Tattoo Meaning

dove symbolism

dove symbolism

Before tattooing your body with a dove tattoo designs, you should first understand the dove symbolism. There is many ways you can know the different dove tattoo meaning. A dove tattoo is a Christian symbol of peace. Peace dove tattoos happen to be a frequently requested design amongst many peace lovers. Many people emboss dove tattoos on their bodies in remembrance of a close relatives or friends who have passed away. A couple of doves are also very common and universal symbol of love.

Doves have a very enduring quality that many humans lack i.e. a dove is a mate for life. So, dove tattoos are also recognized as a sign of undying and long lasting love. Dove tattoos in Chinese culture can be inferred as a symbol of long and healthy life. In European, it is considered as the Holy Spirit by Christian representation. These tattoos can be tattooed in various sizes, colors and different combinations as well.

Peace dove tattoos have ample color selection, from simple black outline, meticulous black outlines, brilliantly colored to elegant neutrals tattoos. There are various combinations of the peace dove tattoo designs. Such as dove and flowers, dove and olive branch, dove and dancing flames, dove and butterflies. If you are the peace lovers too, you can ink two or more doves together on the shoulder or arm and have an indication of your personality. Tattoos with dove designs generally represent independence and purity.

Being the symbol of the Holy Ghost in the Christian faith, the dove tattoos are used as a depiction of Lord Jesus Christ’s story in the Holy Bible. It relates to the Great Flood and God’s commandment to Noah to construct an Ark to carry ever animals and birds.

As birds travel in the air, they were thought to communicate directly with the supernatural beings, and were often considered as the leader which passed spirits of the dead to its heavenly abode. Often in tattooing two doves are portrayed together symbolizing the dual aspects of nature. Dove tattoos are also associated with the occult and the supernatural forces. Peace dove tattoos are one of their important art form in their tool kit or flash book since it is increasing in popularity.

Peace dove tattoos are an evolution in themselves. Peace dove tattoos have been since ever a sign for some meaning that was linked with it. Irrespective of caste, creed or sex, both men and women sport these tattoos of serenity and love.

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