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Hawaiian Tattoo Designs Cool Tattoo Ideas

hawaiian tattoo designs

hawaiian tattoo designs

Hawaii tattoo designs and body art has a long history of more than a thousand years, but changed the goal as time goes on, yes just fashion. In the Hawaiian culture, getting a tattoo is looked upon as a very important ritual. Hawaiians only get tattoo for a few purposes: mourning, talisman for protection and personal identifications.

Some of the best Hawaiian tattoo designs are a mixture of tribal lines, and animals, plants, or other symbols which hold great importance in Hawaiian culture. Some examples of this include arrows, dolphins, turtles, flowers, shells, geckos, and sharks teeth. Each one of these animals and symbols contain a different meaning. For example, a shark tooth tattoo is a symbol for protection and strength. Turtles will symbolize fertility, as well as long life. It’s a good idea to discover the true meaning behind your tattoo before you settle on one in particular. This can give the tattoo much more purpose and meaning for you individually.

Hawaiian tattoo designs usually make use of some color like Hawaiian flower tattoos – where vibrant and strong reds, oranges, and blues will be used to show petals – and interesting shades of green to detail the leaves. Orchids and yellow hibiscus flower are one of the types of flower which is popular amongst people getting tattoos. For a more tribal feel, the stems of the flower will be filled in black. Some of the Hawaiian designs will use distinctive Hawaiian patterns to fill in the shape of an animal symbol, such as a shark. gecko or dolphins. This strikes a nice balance between having a “graphical” image on your body, and also an interesting, intricate and detailed pattern.

Other Hawaiian tattoo choices could be to choose a pattern exclusively, which contains no focal image. Tiki gods are often used by people as a symbol of respect towards the culture of Hawaii or to symbolize the protection of the specific gods over them. These are often used for armband tattoos, half or full sleeve designs, shoulder tattoos, and even full body tattoos – which create a very detailed and fascinating design effect.

If you’re looking for something colorful, interesting, and a little unconventional – then getting a Hawaiian tribal tattoo is a great choice. The patterns will certainly set you apart from people with more traditional tribal designs, or the patterns from other cultures – such as Aztec or Polynesian.

Besides these traditional tattoo art works, there are the much “cooler” Hawaiian tattoo designs. The Hawaiian band tattoo design is very popular amongst tattoo lovers today because of the “modern” yet traditional look that it has.

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