19 Hibiscus Flower Tattoos Design Ideas

hibiscus flower tattoos

Hibiscus flower tattoos are among the most beautiful, most attractive, and easy-to-identify all Earth flowers. Hibiscus flowers are identical with the Hawaiian tattoos, in addition plumeria and orchid. This type of flower tattoo can be any size and placed anywhere on the body. Some of the more common tattoo locations include the tops of the toes, the outside of the ankle, along the lower back, and on the shoulder. Very small hibiscus flower tattoos designs can be placed on the hips, bellies, and buttocks are also common among women.

Tattoos are a means of portraying one’s inner self as well as his or her ideas or emotions. The hibiscus is a flower whose portrayal as a tattoo can bring out these features in an effective manner. It also serves as a popular substitute for the more common ideas of using roses or other standard flora. The flower can reflect various ideas with the idea of it as a delicate piece of art being one of the most popular ones. Other than this, another meaning behind using the imagery of this flower is to be opportunistic. Each flower has its own symbolism and individual characteristics. Hibiscus flower tattoos stands for delicate beauty as the bloom of the flowers are open for just a short period everyday. Hibiscus, in fact, has been called “Flower-on-an-hour”.

The placement of the tattoo is crucial to its beauty and aura of perfection. As important as the design maybe, where you decide to place the design on your body makes as much a difference as the design itself. As usual on every post I provide a lot of images as the actualization of tattoo ideas that I pass. You will find many Hibiscus flower tattoos on the attachment to this post. The design and placement of a tattoo I would expect could be the inspiration you are choosing the best tattoos for your body.

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