Swallow Tattoo Meaning and 28 Designs

swallow tattoo designs

swallow tattoo designs

Swallow tattoos are considered old school sailor tattoos. Tattoos on display above the body of a sailor who completed travel 5,000 miles or more in a rough sea. Swallows symbolize freedom, love and loyalty. They also as a guide to Mariners, where when looking swallow that means they are already close to the beach. Tattoo swallow has emerged once again as a popular design for men and women in modern times. Apart from the meaning mentioned above, this tattoo has some other meanings as follows:

Many people get swallow tattoos and sparrow tattoos confused. Swallow tattoos have a lot of symbolism associated with them. Swallows are known to return to the same place year after year. Many of us have heard of the swallows making their trip back to San Juan Capistrano every year. Sailors got swallow tattoos as a symbol that they would return home safely from a trip.

It was also believed that a swallow carried the souls of the dead away. So if a sailor did not return, a swallow carried their soul. Many people get swallow tattoos as in loving memory tattoos of fallen soldiers. A new sailor would get his first swallow tattoo after 5,000 miles, then another after the next 5,000.

It is believed that swallows mate for life so swallow tattoos represent the wearer’s belief that he (or she) can find true love. If any of these symbols stir feelings in you then perhaps swallow tattoos are something that you should think about. You want your tattoo to be meaningful. A tattoo that you get just for looks wears off after awhile. A tattoo is meant to be with you for life so you want it to be personal.

This bird will only have one mate for life so that the two swallow tattoo that represents true love. People who got these tattoos as a sign of commitment to a loved one, relative, or acquaintance who is very intimate. In some countries of the Middle East, a tattoo is the beginning of a new love.

Swallow is small so that they can be drawn anywhere. Everyone liked it because of the beautiful design and simple. For men, like swallow tattoo drawn on the upper back, upper arms, on chest both left or right. Smaller tattoos often look at the neck or wrist. While women prefer on chest, stomach, hips or thighs. On the legs and behind the ears is another option. Not limited, wherever you want swallow tattoo remain pretty looks. Colorful or just black and gray, they have an ideal posture to drawn on your body.

Easy to swallow tattoo pictures found in the search engines, but of course you want something unique. I will give some early ideas for you about tattoo designs swallow. Please consult a tattoo artist of your choice regarding tattoo designs swallow you like to modify your goals and desires.

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