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Tattoo Name Designs Ideas With Pictures

tattoo name designs

Name tattoo designs is one way to show sympathy, affection or love you to someone or something. Knowingly or not, tattoos always have meaning, even though it’s just an object or name. This time I will give you a little idea about tattoo designs with names that might inspire you.

The city, lovers, children, Club pride or even the initials are a few example of name tattoo designs. Variations of the letter and positions that will differentiate your tattoo with the others, although the name used is the same. Then the parts of the body which is good for a tattoo of your name? Of course I suggest body parts are easily seen by many people. In hand, between the elbow and the wrist, fingers, back of ears, shoulders, neck, and shoulders are also sensitive areas such as the abdomen, chest or breasts.

name tattoo designs on finger

Let’s look at examples of tattoo name designs I have auto summary in a gallery at the end of this paper. As you can see that the name tattoo designs can be categorized as small tattoos. Tattoos for women is more suitable name was painted on the upper part of the breast, in the abdomen near the hips, shoulders, lower back, neck or on the wrist with a slight variation of object star or heart. This very beautiful and adds to the impression of sexy. Whereas for men the name tattoo design would be suitable if painted on the chest, back, hand, or on the biceps. Variation of objects can use the rose Club, the logo or the gun.

You can also get a couple names tattoo designs as a lifelong Covenant with your partner. It will look for romance such as if painted on hand between the elbow and the wrist. But for this you have to think about it more seriously because we don’t know the future. Hopefully this article can inspire you in choosing a┬áname tattoo designs that will stick in your body for life.

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