Tiger Tattoo Designs Styles and Meanings

tiger tattoo designs

tiger tattoo designs

Tiger tattoo designs basically represent strength but they also can have other meanings. You definitely don’t want to get a tiger tattoo because it looks cool or is fashionable. Make sure this symbol has a deeper personal meaning for you before making the commitment.

When people think about tigers, the first things that come to mind are power and courage, but there are also other things they represent. Beauty, pride, passion and sensuality are only some of the many symbols a tiger can suggest. There are a lot of style options to consider, usually the colors used for a tiger tattoo are black, gold and yellow. However you can find tiger tattoo designs that are a lot more complex and use other colors too, but remember that the more complex the tattoo is the more expensive it will get. So the best way to proceed is to get a design which you like, print it and show it to a tattoo artist. If the design is complicated you should also do your research about the artist. I’m sure you wouldn’t want the tattoo to come out differently than you expected.

Tiger Tattoos Styles

Tribal tiger tattoo. The bold dark lines of the tribal style go very well with the tiger’s stripes. A simple, yet very masculine and powerful look that can capture the movement of the great cat.

Japanese tiger tattoo : The symbol of the tiger holds a significant place in the cultural history of Japanese arts. The image of the tiger is most formidably seen in the various tattoo designs from different periods in Japan. Actually, the Japanese had keenly noticed the tiger’s skin. Then they sketched the whole animal with the pattern on the skin, and further completed the picture by detailing from their mental image. This could probably be the reason behind the distortions found on the tigers depicted by the art of Japan.

White Tiger tattoo is absolutely amazing if done in a realistic fashion photos, but you have to look at this because there are several design issues that will probably happen in the future, such as oily skin that will affect the color of white ink on your White Tiger tattoo designs.

Ok, now you have some pretty good ideas about tiger meanings and some different style ideas. Now it’s up to you to determine where Tiger tattoo designs that you choose to decorate your body.

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