14 Tribal Armband Tattoo Ideas

tribal armband tattoo ideas

Tribal armband tattoo designs have been popular over the centuries more popular than baby stroller tattoos; tribes of each community had some unique tattoos on their arms to have an identity and to keep distinct from other groups to secure themselves. If you wish, armband tattoos can be easily hidden in the full sleeves during formal work and could be displayed proudly while partying and outing.

Armband tattoos are very popular especially with the males. This is because the ink draws attention to the biceps as well as gives off an aura of masculinity. Getting tribal armband tattoo is generally a less painful process, since the biceps are more muscular region compared to other areas of the body. Complicated as well as simple armband tattoos design allows the wearer more choice. A simple chain pattern left unclosed facilitates the tattoo artist to perform better on the contours of biceps and leaves the scope to extend its design further in future, whereas some are keen to keep it circled. Armbands can be tattooed all over the arm in large size or otherwise simple on other parts of the arm, a symmetrical design is also another popular style.

tribal armband tattoo for girls

Celtic armband tattoo is the most appreciated tribal tattoo, Hawaiian armband tattoo design known to be from Hawaiian culture is also very popular because of its more unique designs such as flowers, fauna, birds and animals. Have an tribal armband tattoo and revolutionize yourself with the new charm and bravery look. Each armband tattoos design has some special meaning to it, be clear and consult with the tattoo artist before choosing one for you.

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